U.S. Immigration/Deemed Export Compliance/Security Clearances

Every time you temporarily or permanently relocate overseas personnel to the U.S., or you relocate U.S. personnel to other countries, it comes with a unique set of challenges. These challenges must be addressed holistically to avoid creating even more complications. Decisions related to executives and other key personnel are integrally related to the overall success of your business and must be considered with care.

At Klimek, Kolodney & Casale, P.C., we take a strategic approach to both the needs of management and the transferee. Our skill in this complex arena helps to ease the stress of transfers, increase business efficiency and create an environment of empowerment for all involved. Our lawyers are well-equipped to:

  • Help ensure the well-being of the individual employee and his or her family
  • Provide comprehensive guidance for visas and other transfer issues
  • Support mergers and acquisitions (M&A) teams when key personnel are in the balance
  • Offer individualized consular processing guidance beyond the U.S. Department of State generalities and DIY forums
  • Advocate for an employee’s transition to U.S. Permanent Residency status when needed
  • Educate labor law teams in the nuances of U.S. Immigration Law requirements for employment contracts, including employment-at-will issues, relevant personnel policies and other business-related immigration issues
  • Develop Technology Control Plans (TCP) to protect key data and ensure that foreign nationals do not gain unauthorized access to controlled information
  • Guide security clearance applicants through the background investigation conducted by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security Service (DSS)
  • Assist with security clearance reinvestigations, revocations and other concerns

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